The name Satan & Megastar sounds like it should belong to an anime movie about an elf-boy and his shape-shifting cyborg companion, but it’s actually the pairing of Adam John Miller and Lisa Bouvier, as well as the title of their debut album. These ten songs were written and recorded, one song at a time, over 10 months, which means that each stands alone, with little to connect them apart from their inclusion in an intense short story on the website and a shared goth-pop demeanour.

Where Adam’s Wednesday Club releases are inspired by outsider music, and Lisa’s solo work is pure pop, their combined output takes elements of those influences and then adds a deep and dark psychological strain. ‘We Don’t Believe In Magic’ is melancholy Fleetwood Mac pop scripted by Samuel Beckett; ‘What K Can Do’ is a crepuscular Abba song played at a midnight black mass; ‘Holland Park’ is folky indie with an Arctic wind blowing through it; ‘Tongue Tied In The Summer’ throbs with muscular hard-girl pop, Lisa spitting out the words like Courtney Love or Erika M Anderson while the otherwise bouncy indiepop of ‘Twiggy Eyes’ has a fierce passion when Lisa sings: “no-one hates you like I do/ and I’m still in hate with you”.

Such is their musical intelligence, the power balladry of ‘Graveyard Blowjob’ – crying out for a Jim Steinman production – is an exercise in bad taste that becomes good fun. The brooding, bubbling groove of the Low-influenced ‘Akrasia’ breaks the five minute mark but doesn’t outstay its welcome, while ‘Shipwreck’ is tombstone pop, a creaky, post-midnight electronic groan that resolves into a lovely toy piano melody while Lisa sings, in a voice heavy with resignation: “all things must pass/ out for our hands/ into the void”.

It’s not true that the Devil has all the best tunes but this album shows that Satan (and his Megastar) has a few clever compositions. It might just be a sideline, an opportunity for the two principles to work together between other projects, but it’s an intelligent and intriguing one for all that.

Article written by Ged M – Aug 11, 2013 for SOUNDS XP Link


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