“…Me and my day of sobbing was all only mood.  Now it’s gone, released.  The pressure of the resentment I felt towards him was checked from anger, so flowed down in tears.  Yet it was so encompassing – my very being.  All the while I knew it was my own creation, that I was free to rid myself of it, but I couldn’t.  I, me, my ego-self, was the mood; now it’s over and that self is over.  The “I” constantly mutates.  It has no “essence.”  Yesterday, alone, I felt very happy, very at peace.  “What is it that I lack?”  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  But that is equally a mood.  Because it is more pleasant, I would like to see it as somehow more real, truer, always there behind, but in the same way it will come and go…”

Maura O’Halloran, Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind: The Life & Letters of an Irish Zen Saint.


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