OUT NOW ON Cath ‘n’ Dad Records: “Songs in Ab” the brand new record by Adam John Miller.
Download for free or Pay What You Like and Every Penny will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


To paraphrase Aiester Crowley, the Surrey Mystic, “Here is Adam John Miller’s new record”
or, to put it another way; “give me 11 Adam John Millers and Ill give you the World Cup.”
Crack, crack, crack.
A record is not an egg.
I’ll tell you a story;
When we were knee high to our respective grass hoppers I was Adam and Adam was Ray.
Get this;
Adam cracked the egg…
But I digress.
the wind is on fire and your ears have begun to bleed.
Walt Disney is crying from where he is.
The denouement;
The only balm is out of reach.
Enjoy the fire.

John Perry 2014


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