…He refilled his glass and passed me the bottle.  I was enjoying this.

“We want to be the dead matter we used to be.  We’re the last billionth of a second in the evolution of matter.  When I was a student I looked for radical ideas.  Scientists, theologians, I read the work of mystics through the centuries, I was a hungry mind, a pure mind.  I filled notebooks with my versions of world philosophy.  Look at us today.  We keep inventing folk tales of the end.  Animal diseases spreading, transmittable cancers.  What else?”

“The climate,” I said.
“The climate.”
“The asteroid,” I said.
“The asteroid, the meteorite.  What else?”
“Famine, worldwide.”
“Famine,” he said.  “What else?”
“Give me a minute.”

“Never mind.  Because this isn’t interesting to me.  I have no use for this.  We need to think beyond this.”

I didn’t want him to stop.  We sat drinking quietly and I tried to think of further workable prospects for the end of human life on earth.

Don DeLillo, Point Omega.

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