We live in fear. We live in houses and apartments but also fear. Fear that we’ll lose it all.But we remain as always as ever and we record.
We hope, we hope with undiluted optimism that the next take will
be the one or the next song will be the one perfect thing that will make it all ALL RIGHT
and that the next arrangement will have the exact right time and everything will be brilliant forever
but we also hate perfection and want it to be the right kind of wrong
the shittiness and suckiness needs the right weird charm
we dream
a story:
we stared at the ceiling and i said have you seen the ceiling and then adam saw the ceiling and it all started to spin and we doubted max’s veracity
but veracious he was.
it doesn’t mean we’re any good.
released 19 April 2015

All songs written, performed and produced by The Wednesday Club who are John Perry, E.Max Broady and Adam John Miller

Artwork by Jon Hinds

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