“…As well as writing her poetry and impressing her with exiled royalty, Gasworth took Nancy to the Café Royal where he held forth loudly, and introduced her to Aleister Crowley, the legendary apostle of sex-magic and demonology.  Now fifty-seven, Crowley’s reputation as ‘the wickedest man on earth’ had just received a boost from Nina Hamnett’s book Laughing Torso, in which she called him a ‘black magician’.  Two years later Crowley was to sue her for libel, with the result that his notoriety was fixed in stone and he was bankrupted.  When Nancy met Crowley, his reputation for evil and his dark personal magnetism were enough to frighten her out of her wits, which presumably was the intention…”

Joanna Hodgkin, Amateurs in Eden: The Story of a Bohemian Marriage: Nancy and Lawrence Durrell.


One comment

  1. Anne Gaelan

    I m so enjoying Amateurs in Eden. It is fascinating to read how Nancy develops throughout this book and the details of life and values of a past age.


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