So the sages contemplate Heaven but do not assist it.
They are concerned to perfect their Virtue but do not allow it to encumber them.
They set forth according to the Tao but do make plans.
They work with benevolence but put no reliance upon it.
They draw extensively upon righteousness but do not try to build it up.
They observe the rituals but do not set great store by them.
They do what they have to and never shirk their responsibilities.
They try to make their laws applicable but do not believe them effective.
They value the people and do not take them for granted.
They make use of things and do not dismiss them lightly.
True, things are worthless but they must be used.
Those who do not see Heaven clearly will not be pure in Virtue.
Those who fail to follow the Tao cannot follow any path.
What a disaster for those who cannot follow the Tao!

The Book of Chuang Tzu.


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