1. I look forward to that. Too bad no one is planning on making an equivalent documentary about Julian Jaynes’ work. Or better yet a documentary that included the ideas of both McGilchrist and Jaynes, along with many others: Milton E. Brener, John G. Geiger, Timothy Morton, etc.

    There has been a lot of fascinating developments in the study of consciousness and mind, identity and society. Even the work of epigenetics could be included, as it demonstrates how even specific memories can be passed on across generations (e.g., mice shocked after a specific scent would learn to jump whenever smelling it, as would the following generations that never were shocked).

    The public debate that goes on about these topics is often old and stale. This documentary is a step in the right direction.

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    1. I will check out the other people you have mentioned. Agreed that the public debate is often somewhat dated, I guess that is perhaps inevitable, though, with theories that are at odds with perceived ‘normality’? I’m very much looking forward to the documentary, I just hope it does the book justice! Agree a Jaynes documentary would also be a good idea!

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