OUT NOW ON Cath ‘n’ Dad Records: “Songs in Ab” the brand new record by Adam John Miller.
Download for free or Pay What You Like and Every Penny will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


To paraphrase Aiester Crowley, the Surrey Mystic, “Here is Adam John Miller’s new record”
or, to put it another way; “give me 11 Adam John Millers and Ill give you the World Cup.”
Crack, crack, crack.
A record is not an egg.
I’ll tell you a story;
When we were knee high to our respective grass hoppers I was Adam and Adam was Ray.
Get this;
Adam cracked the egg…
But I digress.
the wind is on fire and your ears have begun to bleed.
Walt Disney is crying from where he is.
The denouement;
The only balm is out of reach.
Enjoy the fire.

John Perry 2014


Rapallo’d is the new solo album by Adam John Miller.
Recorded at Queenstown Heights, London at the end of 2013 out now on Cath ‘n’ Dad Records.

Download for Free, or, Pay What You Want and ALL THE MONEY will go to: Motor Neurone Disease Association:

All words and music written, performed and produced by Adam John Miller
with Lisa Bouvier (backing vocals) and Matt Bouvier (guitar solo on ‘Blue Honey’).

Rapallo’d Lyrics

*** The album has been put together as two continuous sides of music (A + B) ie the songs merge together until a brief interlude about half way through, as if, like in the good old days, you could put a piece of vinyl on your record player.  As such I would urge you, the listener, to download the album and listen to it as is intended rather than play the tracks off Bandcamp.  Burn it to a CD and play it on your CD player, or plug your laptop or desktop into your hifi, or put it on your iPod and go for a walk, or play it in iTunes or some such device through your laptop speakers.  And imagine that it exists as a physical item.  Love AJM ***



Dry Humps is the 7th LP from The Wednesday Club, one of Adam’s other bands.  Earlier this year they released Passing Strange to quite frankly unexpected acclaim.   Released by Cath ‘n’ Dad Records, like the Satan & Megastar album, download for free or pay what you like and all the money will go to Mencap.

Download the album from the bandcamp HERE.
More information on the website HERE.

Listen on Spotify:



SATAN & MEGASTAR’s Debut Album is finally here. . . A collaborative effort between Adam John Miller (The Manhattan Love Suicides, T.O.Y.S, The Medusa Snare, The Wednesday Club) and Lisa Bouvier (The Flatmates, The Proctors, Stars In Coma, Lost Summer Kitten):  Written and recorded a song at a time over a period of ten months and often blurring the fine line between fact, fiction, reality and authenticity.  Doom Pop seemed the most appropriate label for the music that came out of the sessions;  not a deliberate distancing from the more upbeat, optimistic nature of their other musical output, but a natural extension of and reaction to their surroundings: both those that they found themselves in and those that they only had themselves to blame for.   Circumstances frequently threatened to derail the completion of the album, but just as frequently it was the album that pulled things back together.  Decide for yourselves what really happened.  Our gratitude extends to Steven Howells for mastering, John Hryschko, Mattias Lidehäll and Andrew Rowsell for all the times they pointed the camera where they were told, Silja Haddal Mork for the Album Cover photograph, and everyone else that put up with us all this time.

“The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck.” – Paul Virilio.

Download for Free, or, Pay What You Want and ALL THE MONEY will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association:

Download the Press Release
Download the Lyrics/Story

Watch the Music Videos made for all ten songs
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S&M  1st July 2013 x


Cath ‘n’ Dad Records proudly present PASSING STRANGE: the 6th long player from The Wednesday Club.

They say:  “Opening with the self-deprecatory call to arms of “We Suck” and running the gamut from Monarchy-bashin’ to Astronomy-lovin’, Passing Strange is laced with wit and insight that invites the listener to the party rather than leaving them out in the dark.”

Download the album for free or pay what you want and all of the proceeds will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association:

For more information including Lyrics with Annotations visit The Wednesday Club website:

If you make a contribution towards MND when downloading the album then send us your address and we will post you 1 of 100 bespoke limited edition handmade Passing Strange Postcards.


Satan & Megastar - She Don't Know Me

Believe it or not: there was a time before Satan & Megastar. A time of innocent wonder, care free days that echoed with nervous laughter, unsullied by cynicism’s deep teeth. Back then there were just two people whose lives had unexpectedly been thrown together. Or in at the deep end. Whatever it was, it was not fate. Fumbling around, trying desperately not to succumb to the natural urges to hide (or lash out), the common ground that we can now blame for so much turned out to be Bon Jovi.

Lisa was running a small record label (before it was stolen from her, but that’s a different story) that was toying with the idea of releasing a record of Bon Jovi covers. “Oh, you know, ‘Keep The Faith’ was the first record I ever bought,” I said (and, as always, instantly regretted). “Why don’t we record a Bon Jovi cover?” We said simultaneously (we can’t read each other’s minds any more, or, more accurately, we choose not to: It’s fuckin’ scary in there).

You’d think with so much quality to choose from, we would have spent weeks deciding which song to do. Lisa knew straight away: “Let’s turn ‘She Don’t Know Me’ into a duet,” she said. “I don’t know that one?” Now I do.

Bon Jovi – She Don’t Know Me

Believe it or not: it was mixing that song that brought us together in the first place. Maybe we were both using it as an excuse to spend more time together. Awkwardly. Whatever the case, we recorded the song, and then forgot about it amongst the graveyards and Twiggy Eyes. And the K Ciders. And more graveyards.

The other day I was hit by one of those suddon pangs of nostalgia (I was drunk, on my own) and stumbled across the recording on my computer (I knew I wanted to hear it, I love torturing myself). “Why don’t we just give it away as, like, some Christmas thing?” I asked. “Why the fuck not?”

I must have deleted the individual files in a stupor, all that remains of those wild days is this MP3, that you can have, for free, if you want.

And then I came to write something about the song and found out that ‘She Don’t Know Me’ is actually not even by Bon Jovi, but written by a guy called Mark Avsec. Apparently it is the only song on any Bon Jovi record that was not at least co-written by a member of the band. “Too good to be true!” I thought to myself. Turns out the truth is just as entertaining as all the lies we tell ourselves, and each other. All the time. AJM, 17.12.2012

Peter Emmett – She Don’t Know Me