Other Music

Leo Trout

Leo Trout was my first proper band with John Perry III.  We made a proper record called Yes Please To Saturday and various other things.  The collapse of Leo Trout lead eventually to the formation of The Wednesday Club and an open mic night we ran in Leeds for a few years.

The Ice Cream Band

Back in the day I used to write a lot of songs about ice cream and this eventually turned into a record I made with Nathan, an American student spending a year in Leeds, as The Ice Cream Band.  Nathan took his own life a couple of years ago.  We only knew each other for a year and hadn’t been in touch for a long time but he was a truely original and inspiring person and I will always treasure the time we spent together.

I played drums for E.Max Broady as Exit Flagger for a couple of shows including the memorable Soap-Fest where there were a lot of bubbles.

One of my all time favourite song writers is Ian Cockburn from The Seven Inches and I was lucky enough to be asked to help him out with some songs from his solo album as Ian Cockburn and The Whole World.


I played drums in a short-lived garage-rock two-piece with Nir Graham as Metoomtam!  …and made a loose concept album about the sea with Helen Butlin as Scared By Bears.

Scared By Bears

I played bass for my good friends Jake Sinetos and Amyas Varcoe as Anderson Congress and was a part of a short-lived supergroup called The Hospital Bombers.  There has also been a space-themed jam-band supergroup called The Astronauts with E.Max Broady and Dave Kitchen.  Some other bands I have played in include Mail Order Bridges, Bang & No Pretty and Afterthought (and quite possibly some others that I have forgotten.

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