…and so we haltingly, tentatively slid into a new year:  Ex-Mass in a snow-free Sweden had been pleasant enough and The Epiphany appropriately subdued, clutching awkward pints on the fringes of the Indie Pop Glitterati at a crowded Canterbury Arms damp with condensation.  We left after The Countdown.

I saw in 32 with a tumultuous What I Wanted To Do’s album, #51.  Ominous clouds / Precedent set / It would be some time before the dust settled, if ever.  In between I put out the solo album Rapallo’d… A somewhat stuffy and overblown exegesis, rather sample heavy, I was nonetheless proud of the result and for the first time felt that my creative output properly reflected my Reality Tunnel (at that time).

…and to celebrate  finishing the (reunited) Manhattan Love Suicides album, we recorded a cover of Roky Erickson’s Nothing In Return.


Carter, John.  Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons
Pilkington, Mark.  Mirage Men: The Weird Truth Behind UFOs
Raspe, Rudolf Erich.  The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Wilson, Colin.  G.I.Gurdjieff: The War Against Sleep
Wilson, Colin.  The Strange Life of P.D.Ouspensky
Wilson, Robert Anton.  Coincidance: A Head Test


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