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Iain McGilchrist recommended Bergson’s Creative Evolution as a way to understand the reality and importance of time, or, as Bergson himself would have it, duration.  I found the book hugely inspiring and, so as to really understand (and remember) the extent and complexity of Bergson’s thinking, I decided to summarise the book in my own words, as best as I could.  I’m still digesting the full scope of what Bergson thinks and so what follows is not my opinion about his ideas, but as always, I would love nothing more than to engage in discussion.  You can read the whole book itself here.
Adam John Miller, March 2019


Our faculty of intellect has evolved from our faculty of action, intended to best fit the body to its environment and to represent the relationships of external things amongst themselves.  Action is impossible without fixity and stability and so the intellect feels at home amongst the inanimate.  The immobile is all it knows.  If the intellect is created by life then how is it possible for it to wholly embrace life, of which it is but an aspect?  Not one of the aspects of our thought: unity or multiplicity, mechanical causality or intelligent finality, applies exactly to the things of life.

“Who can say where individuality begins and ends, whether the living being is one or many, whether it is the cells which associate themselves into the organism or the organism which dissociates itself into cells?”


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Trust The Wizards to play some Adam John Miller: ‘Rodin’ @ 29:40 and subsequent chat about Terence McKenna’s stoned ape theory. Keep it Real.


A surprisingly happy wizard does his best to cheer up the rest of the team in their first proper show of the year.


Things really get rolling with a quite literally colourful quiz, detailed reviews of new albums from both Smug Brothers and Eugene Twist, and there’s even time for an exclusive new track from Schizo Fun Addict, oh, and another of Chorizo Garbanzo’s hazily recalled tales to catch up on some sleep through.

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Some of the physicality we played in this show:

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OUT NOW ON Cath ‘n’ Dad Records: “Songs in Ab” the brand new record by Adam John Miller.
Download for free or Pay What You Like and Every Penny will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


To paraphrase Aiester Crowley, the Surrey Mystic, “Here is Adam John Miller’s new record”
or, to put it another way; “give me 11 Adam John Millers and Ill give you the World Cup.”
Crack, crack, crack.
A record is not an egg.
I’ll tell you a story;
When we were knee high to our respective grass hoppers I was Adam and Adam was Ray.
Get this;
Adam cracked the egg…
But I digress.
the wind is on fire and your ears have begun to bleed.
Walt Disney is crying from where he is.
The denouement;
The only balm is out of reach.
Enjoy the fire.

John Perry 2014


Rapallo’d is the new solo album by Adam John Miller.
Recorded at Queenstown Heights, London at the end of 2013 out now on Cath ‘n’ Dad Records.

Download for Free, or, Pay What You Want and ALL THE MONEY will go to: Motor Neurone Disease Association:

All words and music written, performed and produced by Adam John Miller
with Lisa Bouvier (backing vocals) and Matt Bouvier (guitar solo on ‘Blue Honey’).

Rapallo’d Lyrics

*** The album has been put together as two continuous sides of music (A + B) ie the songs merge together until a brief interlude about half way through, as if, like in the good old days, you could put a piece of vinyl on your record player.  As such I would urge you, the listener, to download the album and listen to it as is intended rather than play the tracks off Bandcamp.  Burn it to a CD and play it on your CD player, or plug your laptop or desktop into your hifi, or put it on your iPod and go for a walk, or play it in iTunes or some such device through your laptop speakers.  And imagine that it exists as a physical item.  Love AJM ***