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LURCHER is the new Wednesday Club album. It literally exists but only arguably physically exists. It is released on Cath’n’Dad Records – if you like it follow the Cath’n’Dad theosophy rather than giving $$$.

It comes with a Novelette giving you deep insights into the important, yet cryptic songs and most importantly our psyches.

More info: https://thewednesdayclubhits.wordpress.com/lurcher/

Artwork by Ian Cockburn



A year ago today, we wrote and recorded our first song, “London” and then made this video on our way to the Odd Box Weekender II. This is the new, mixed and mastered version of the song. A lot has happened since then, but against all odds, we have finished our debut album. It will be released soon, once we have relocated the studio from Hendon Cathedral to the new place, Queenstown Heights. Tomorrow we are off to the Odd Box Weekender III and we shall be making the video for the last song on the album, “Akrasia”. If you’re there, there’s a good chance you’ll be in it. So, look sharp, London.

S&M x