The Medusa Snare

1005725_10151467280976975_1950237083_nThe Medusa Snare was initially another name I used for my solo recordings.  Over the years there have been various incarnations and I am forever indebted to Eddy Lines, John Perry III, E.Max Broady, Rachel Barker, Daniel ‘The Moz’ Morris, Amyas Varcoe, Ryan Robinson and Lisa Bouvier for their patience and enthusiasm.

Visit The Medusa Snare website.

Discography.  LPs.  Cinderella (2009), Zum Henker: The Cinderella Demos (2011).
7″ Single.  I Saw You Look The Other Way (2012).
Kubanskaya on Nuts & Vaults (Squirrel Records compilation, 2016)

All Medusa Snare releases are available for free from Cath ‘n’ Dad Records.

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