The Wednesday Club


The product of 3 distinct singer/songwriters (A.J.Miller, John Perry III & E.Max Broady) each bringing their own spin on indie-pop, but coming together through a shared love of the absurd. Often filtering bleak subject matter through catchy, concise pop songs and informed by a belief that clever and stupid are equally valid methods of expression.  Currently marauding as an Existential Sex Rock Power Trio.

Visit The Wednesday Club website.

Discography. LPs.  No, You Broke Jo’s Amp! (2007), SOAP (2008), Katapult (2009), So Claw (2011), Sour Crow (2011), Passing Strange (2013), Dry Humps (2013), So The Win Won’t Blow It All Away (2015), LURCHER (2017).

All Wednesday Club releases are available for free from Cath ‘n’ Dad Records.

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